About us

BUTTERFLY HOUSE – Foundation for the Development 
was established by group of people with psychological and pedagogical background.

The mission of the Foundation is the positive impact on the development of children, adults and the community in which we live. The central value for us is the DEVELOPMENT, which we perceive in three complementary dimensions:

  1. Harmonious , psychosocial development of the child from the beginning of life to an adult person.
  2. Conscious self-development of the adult person towards self-realization and increase of the quality of one’s life.
  3. The development of social consciousness based on such values as shared responsibility, mutual respect of groups and individuals, freedom and dignity.

We desire to fully commit our professional and personal competences such as psychological, pedagogical, therapeutic, coaching and organizational skills to initiate, conduct and promote all efforts to create a safe environment in which children and adults have the opportunity to realize their fullest potential.

Our major current activities include running “The Butterfly House Therapy Center” (MOTYLARNIA Ośrodek Terapii), and psycho-educational project “Parents Development Academy” (Akademia Rozwoju Rodziców).